Where to buy dry-type Electrical Transformers made in Canada or USA?

We sell on-line high quality industrial grade dry type electrical transformers made in Canada. Single-phase, three-phase isolation transformers, distribution transformers, drive isolation transformers, autotransformers, motor-starting autotransformers, line reactors, epoxy encapsulated transformers. All distribution / isolation dry-type transformers meet or exceed efficiency compliance: CSA C802.2-06 and NEMA TP-1-2002. We sell K-factor rated transformers, low temperature rise, low electromagnetic field emission transformers, electrostatic shielded transformers, special voltage transformers, epoxy potted transformers enclosed in NEMA-1, NEMA-2, NEMA-3R, NEMA-4, NEMA-12 enclosures . Dry-type transformers have no moving parts and completely static solid state devices are usually insure a long and trouble-free life. Dry-type transformers require minimum maintenance to provide many years of reliable trouble free service. All transformers are BRAND NEW and made in USA or Canada, and we ship them from warehouses located in Atlanta, GA USA and Vaughan, ON Canada. We offer you best priced, best quality dry-type electrical transformers. You have a choice of copper or aluminum transformer coil winding. Our website contains technical specifications and drawings of transformers we sell. Canada Transformers is a reliable source of high quality dry-type transformers for electrical contractors. We ship anywhere in Canada and US. If a transformer is in stock we ship the next business day.
Do not be discouraged, if the transformer is OUT OF STOCK, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, there was never the case when we did not deliver it in time.
All transformers are thoroughly tested and come with one year manufacturer's warranty.